These links will be informative, interesting and deadly sexy.


Pay It Forward Binder Program

flagging opinicus rampant Hanky Code & Flagging Guide


YGender Youth Gender Group

Melbourne GenderQueer 

Transgender Victoria

Northside Clinic Friendly doctor clinic, North Fitzroy

Zoe Belle Gender Centre (not an actual centre, yet)

Hares & Hyenas Queer Book Shop & Cafe, Fitzroy


PFLAG South Dunedin local queer support for families and friends of LGBTIQ/questioning  people

Curious National queer youth web resource, developed between the New Zealand AIDS Foundation and Rainbow Youth

Human Rights Commission

Rainbow Youth, Based in Auckland

NZ Transguys Yahoo Forum

Agender New Zealand Trans support


  1. Hey guys. Just wanted to let you know who I am. Den, here, I own and I now have my ad posted on MelbourneGenderqueer with a discount code for you all to help with shipping costs from US to AUS…We offer a whole selection of packing items, from packers, and STP’s to packing boxer briefs and harness’. Check us out and use the discount code QOZ to get a even better deal

  2. Hi peeps,

    just want to let you all know that Melbourne Genderqueer has morphed into Genderqueer Australia, with a great new website and more!

    Thanks in advance!


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