Having trouble locating DUDE? 

Within one week of the launch all 500 printed copies were gone! Amazing! This really shows how much interest there is in DUDE. and how much folks are looking for more info on transmasculinity.

What we need now

Do you have access to a printer? Do you work for a community organisation or student union that would be interested in printing and distributing DUDE.? Do you live outside of Melbourne and know some cool places that might want to stock DUDE.?
 If you can help with printing or distributing DUDE., contact ash at ashpike@riseup.net

Other Ways You Can Help

Spread the word! The more people who know about DUDE. the better. There are various share tools available – make use of Facebook, Twitter, email, or any other preferred social network.

DUDE. is created, printed and distributed entirely by volunteers and donations.
Every donation made goes towards printing costs and helps DUDE. to continue.
We are looking to raise $1500 to print another 750 copies of DUDE. for distribution to other Australian and New Zealand cities and regional areas.

–$1 pays the postage costs for one copy of DUDE. to be sent to a contributor.
–$2 pays for printing one copy of DUDE.
–$10 pays for 20 copies of DUDE. to be sent out.
–$50 pays for printing 25 copies of DUDE.

Hit the donate button to the right >>>>> Every donation helps to build a more understanding community. We really appreciate your support!