DUDE is free online only

Hello DUDE fans!

We’ve been getting quite a few inquiries about getting copies of DUDE, so we just wanted to make our financial position clear to the community.

The {also} foundation have been incredibly supportive and generous: helping us pay for the printing costs of DUDE 1 and 2, as well as our initial mail out. However we still have incidental and other ongoing costs, and we want to be able to make DUDE sustainable as an ongoing project independent of {also}’s funding, which is not guaranteed (for a variety of reasons). We are also very grateful for all the donations we have received and also the support from the Melbourne community at recent events. This also helps us to pay for printing.

In order to be able to keep printing future editions, we need to ensure our cash flow is healthy. Therefore we have decided to sell DUDE.2 hard copies (printed versions of the magazine) and make it available free online only. This recipe means that printing and ancillary costs in future are paid for by sales of current issues, advertising income and sponsorship.

We have also sold hard copies of DUDE.1 on this basis. We have also distributed many free copies of DUDE.1. DUDE.1 will be reprinted on an ongoing basis and some free copies will be distributed through service providers to drive positive change in service delivery to trans people, as well as in certain sections of the wider community to aid in trans awareness.

DUDE will ALWAYS be available for FREE online, but we need to charge for printed copies to ensure the longevity of the project.

See you over the summer at a launch party!

Max, Jez & Ash