DUDE 3 Call for Submissions.pdf Deadline April 30, 2012.

DUDE 2 Press Release 10.1.12.pdf

DUDE 2 Press Release 5.12.11.pdf Issue to be released January 18, 2012.

DUDE 2 Party Flyer. pdf (Melbourne)

DUDE 1 Press Release.pdf Issue released February 18, 2011.

DUDE 1 Cover.jpg

Photos from DUDE 1 launch by Alison Bennett.

All media enquiries to Jez Pez at


  • #223 Closet Trans by Jiro, 8 January 2012.
    [DUDE.]’s a sexy and fabulous transmale magazine, featuring comics from Rooster Tails and with lots of interviews and information on transmale bodies, their diversity and how to love them.
  • Dirty Queer #3“DUDE!” Xavier and Brian interview Jez, September 2011.
    [DUDE has] been opening people’s eyes about the trans men in Australia’s [and New Zealand’s] queer communities.
  • SameSame: “DUDE Mag Seeks Trans Stories” by Travis de Jonk, 15 August 2011. [DUDE] took Melbourne by storm and it was a huge hit. There had never really been anything like it before in Australia…
  • GayBear: “Una nueva perspectiva by Tim, August 2011.
    Esta primera edición aclara muchas dudas sobre como hablar del tema, y como pasarlo bien en la cama con un tio veludo que ha hecho su transición de mujer a hombre.
  • MCV: “Transmen Are Out” by Andrew Shaw, 12 April 2011.
    [DUDE.] raises challenging questions about what constitutes masculinity.
  • Cherrie: “Hey Dude” Rachel Cook interviews Jez Pez,  30 March 2011.
    Jez says. “People don’t ask non-trans people about their genitalia. It’s totally inappropriate. I thought that it would be a good element of Dude to draw a line between these questions, as in what is appropriate and what isn’t. We [Jez and comic artist Sam Orchard] created a comic strip which I think explains that really well.”
  • The Scavenger: “Dude: Review” by Gauche Sinister,  13 March 2011.
    I believe this zine will get people thinking and fucking, and really, what more could you ask for?
  • 2011 {also} directory
    The {also} Foundation have been a great support and have enabled the 1st issue of DUDE to be printed. Thank you {also}

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