DUDE MAGAZINE began with $1000 of funding from the {also} Foundation. We were able to print 500 copies of the very 1st version of issue #1, which we distributed for FREE. We still distribute hundreds of copies for FREE throughout community organisations and medical centres and we are proud to do this and very grateful to everyone who has supported DUDE. We also sell many copies, which helps us to remain sustainable. This is how we grew and below are the figures, which show where the money has gone to date. We want to remain transparent and it took a while to publish these figures, but that is because I have been so incredibly busy, so thanks for your patience and support. This project has been built on trust and by being transparent with regard to finances we hope it reinforces the value in the efforts of everyone involved.

I also want to say a huge thank you to some core people who have been an integral part of the development of DUDE.  Max Attitude, Elwyn Murray, Ash Danger and Teddy Cook.

Massive respect to the contributors for all your creative energy and courage.

And huge thanks to everyone else for all your encouragement, support, positivity and community spirit.

-Jez Pez



Donations from the 1st launch                                                   $450

Sponsorship                                                                                  $1500

Advertising                                                                                   $450

Online Donations                                                                         $327

Fundraising                                                                                  $1250

Sales                                                                                               $625

TOTAL                                                                                         $4602


Postage and Freight                                                                    $420

Equipment Hire                                                                            $95

Stationary                                                                                      $105

Printing & Photocopying                                                            $2400

Technical Support                                                                       $200

Administration                                                                             $120

Craft supplies                                                                                $32


TOTAL                                                                                           $3372


BALANCE                                                                                       $1230


[2012 (to date, April 7th 2012)]


Balance carried over from 2011                                               $1230

Sponsorship                                                                                 $2800

Advertising                                                                                   $250

Online Donations                                                                        $676

Fundraising                                                                                   $190

Magazine Sales                                                                             $1390

Postage recovery                                                                          $390

Merhandise Sales                                                                         $1300

TOTAL                                                                                          $8226


Postage and Freight                                                                       $930

Equipment Hire                                                                              $135

Stationary                                                                                        $159

Printing & Photocopying                                                              $3200

Administration                                                                                $220

Craft supplies                                                                                  $81

Merchandise                                                                                    $1000

TOTAL                                                                                           $5725


BALANCE                                                                                      $2501

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