Huge thanks and respect to all contributors.

Aaron K is 35 and just started on the juice! “I have lived and worked as a multiple gendered being most of my life: love the life and world perspective this has given me, however…can’t wait for the ‘stache to start happening!”

Alejandro Soto is a cis-gender male feminist activist at the same organisation as Ali and Ian, and an art history and aesthetics student at Paris 8 University —

Ali and Ian are a warrior brother crew who are fighting the same enemy, looking in the same direction… They both study at Paris 8 University, work in a home for Autistic adults assisting them through daily life, and are activists in a French organization that fights against the pathologisation of trans-identities.

Alison Bennett has been photographing the queer tribes of Melbourne for several years —

Alix Iron is a femme-loving faggot who is feminist to the core and perverted as all get out. He’s also a nice Jewish boy who thinks chivalry is super hot —

Amanda Kennedy lives in Austin, Texas, where she bakes bundt cakes, frequently visits the post office, and wishes everything were within walking distance. Email her at shoeboxzines[at]gmail[dot]com.

Art is a fifty year old butch builder.


Ash Danger is a contributing editor for DUDE.

Bastian Fox Phelan

Ben Hipp


Billie Parsons

Billy Bear is an extroverted, perverted, nerdulous, polyamorous trans* guy, lover of books and men, art and good food. His motto is “To thine own self be true” by William Shakespeare.

Blue worked as a contributing editor for DUDE.

Callum Roper is a 21 year old trans guy just living life. He tends to overshare but that just makes him more adorable.


Charlie Hoss‘s writing can be found in erotic anthologies such as banQuet 2011: Men.

Christopher Nathan

Connor is an avid musician; playing clarinet and piano. He finally feels authentic and real living as the man he was always meant to be.


Dusti Cunningham

Elspeth Brown is a queer historian and scholar who lives in Toronto, Canada. For further resources for partners of transguys, please see

Elwyn Murray is a Melbourne-bred, freelance graphic designer and visual artist with a penchant for socially-engaged queers and magic markers —


Gauche Sinister is a Shanghainese/Melburnian critic who blogs at State of Emergency, flags princess, and slams poetry, chocolate biscuits and eir friends’ enemies.

Gavriil (38) is a Melbourne-based artist, often distracted by community activism and his employment in social work. His brother is Rod (42), a social worker distracted by Bruce Springsteen and society’s inequalities.

Genevieve Danger Berrick – just beginning to self-define as a writer, obsessed with the boundaries of bodies.


Jacqui Brown

Jade is a 20 year old transguy who has been on testosterone for 1 year.


James Darling is a trans queer porn actor and sex educator.

James Mepham works at Jungle Jim Documentary Pictures in Seddon, Victoria. Open by appointment seven days per week —

Jez is the dude behind DUDE.

Joey Knight is 33, and finally comfortable in his own skin, he says “I love my beard and the freedom to be me.”

Joey Macdonald lives in New Zealand and was recently published in Polari Queer Journal.

Josh Smith is a translad and photographer with Spina Bifida. Born in the UK, he is strong-minded, cheeky and creative.

Jules Sharman


Ketch Wehr is a transfeminist Philadelphia-based artist currently working on a Leeway grant project about beacons of queer identity and narratives of survival for LGBTIQQ people. He also loves dogs so much —


KW is a London based queer filmmaker and grrrl about town.


Lee P

Lee T

Markus Anthony Benjamin Middling is a volunteer for the Zaque youth LGBTQI group in Ballarat and a sitting member of the Rural Youth Council run by WayOut. markus.middling.ryc[at]hotmail[dot]com

Mariajosé Pérez Espinoza Diseño/ Fotografía/ Artes Visuales. Ensayosqueer: free exercise photography that records the diversity of bodies beyond the male-female categories and expressions of queer world in Chile — cargocollective/ensayokuir

Marquise Vilson


Max Attitude edited DUDE 2. He is a studying to be a doctor, and works as a journalist, freelance writer and art critic. He theorizes queer sex at


Morgan Carpenter works at DIRTY QUEER MAGAZINE —


Nathanwi Nathananki Smurphe is a cis faggot genderQueer and Kooky Kid, sometime performer and writer. Love makes his heart beat faster. Queer love, where we negotiate things for ourselves, and create new ways of doing things, makes his heart beat fastest of all.



Nyx has chronic fatigue syndrome and fibromyalgia and is a photographer, textile artist, sculptor, writer, illustrator. She blogs about art, aesthetics, politics, and living aesthetically with a disability at

Paul is a 191cm 108kg bloke who has been labeled both the “Big Butch Fairy” and “Must be a Bricklayer”, but actually plays the violin professionally.

Pinup Kit

Pluto Savage


Rex Leonowicz is a femme transdude, intersectional feminist, and an MFA candidate at Mills College in Oakland, CA. He is originally from New York City.

Sam Orchard has been drawing since he was a little girl. He spends most of his days drawing comics about being queer and trans in the South Island of New Zealand —

Sam Wallman is a person from Melbourne who draws comics. His blog is called Black Rainbow, and can be found at


Shaun Barclay


Tallace Bissett is a self-confessed, self-crafted femme. You can catch her at her objectifying best at Please feel free to contribute your photos or photos of the chunky hunk in your life xo

Teddy Cook is DUDE.’s wonderful intern in Sydney, Australia.

thechicagoL, the oral cub


Tommy J is a 22 year old trans kid living in Brisbane. He seeks to inspire his amazing community and generally spends way too much time in cafes.

Trans Queers consist of two transfags of color living in a big city, exploring safe anonymous play with bio-boys — documenting the good, the confusing and the ugly; the adventurous intricacies of sex and complicating definitions of queerness. “Your sexuality is really yours to do with as you damn well please” — transfagssexjournals.blogspot

V. Waldman



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