DUDE was a project that ran from 2010 to 2013. Because it was purely volunteer run, it eventually reached it’s resting point. This isn’t the only reason it ceased production, Jez Pez the Founding Editor felt the purpose of DUDE had achieved it’s goal. Jez Pez wanted DUDE to raise the profile of trans guys. Most people in the wider LGBTIQ+ communities weren’t aware of the existence of trans guys. Particularly non trans/cisgender gay men and it was an important part of creating massive social and sexual change within the culture of trans men who have sex with other men. DUDE started a national conversation which enabled more trans guys to have more hot sex with other men. DUDE released 3 issues, with the help of many volunteers and contributors and sponsors. DUDE was printed and distribute nationally and internationally, over 10,000 printed copies were distributed and over 10,000 copies were downloaded for free. DUDE was pivotal in developing a more confidant and active sex scene and educating non trans/cisgender men on how to be more respectful towards us and how having sex with us is fucken hot.

DUDE was also involved in organising the Australian Buck Angel tour. Jez Pez, with the help of many other trans guys and allies, managed the Australian tour which involved a range of events and workshops throughout Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane. This was a turning point for trans male sexual health as it marked the moment when certain Australian AIDS Councils (VAC and ACON) stepped up to support an initiative that focussed on trans men who have sex with other men. This tour attracted even wider support and it resulted with the sexual health of trans men being more on the agenda in terms of HIV prevention and broader sexual health.

With the continuing efforts of many contributors to DUDE and the emergence of a new movement of community organisers and educators in the area of trans masculine sexual health it was time for a new project to form. A new project that reflected the current needs of the community. After the World AIDS2014 conference in Melbourne PASH.tm was formed. PASH.tm is the Peer Advocacy network for the Sexual Health of Trans Masculinities. Many of the people involved with DUDE related activities are now members and supporters of PASH.tm. For more info on PASH.tm visit here. PASH.tm is the new advocacy, resource and campaign development group. Current members are (Teddy Cook, Jez Pez (Jeremy Wiggins), Aram Hosie, Max Mackenzie and Laurie Hopkins). PASH.tm is an official working group of the Australian Federation of AIDS Organisations.


DUDE is a collection of queer and trans perspectives on various topics related to trans guys.

DUDE is a creative resource designed to celebrate positive representation of trans guys and to share skills and knowledge within our wider community.

DUDE magazine explores sex, sexual health, relationships, mental health, bodies and diversity between transguys and the wider community.

DUDE recognizes and relishes that masculinity is nebulous, and that our relationships to it can be divergent, contradictory and ambiguous. 

We accept that categories such as ‘transguys’ are not all-encompassing, yet on this we refer to the wisdom of Gayle Rubin, who suggests:

  • “Our categories are important. We cannot organize a social life, a political movement, or our individual identities and desires without them. The fact that categories invariably leak and can never contain all the relevant “existing things” does not render them useless, only limited. Categories like “woman,” “butch,” “lesbian,” or “transsexual” are all imperfect, historical, temporary, and arbitrary. We use them, and they use us. We use them to construct meaningful lives, and they mold us into historically specific forms of personhood. Instead of fighting for immaculate classifications and impenetrable boundaries, let us strive to maintain a community that understands diversity as a gift, sees anomalies as precious, and treats all basic principles with a hefty dose of skepticism.”– Gayle Rubin “Of Catamites and Kings: Reflections on Butch, Gender, and Boundaries.” 1992. Reprinted  in The Transgender Studies Reader, edited by Susan Stryker and Stephen Whittle, 2006, page


  1. We love everything you do – greetings from the Netherlands!

  2. Thomas J Butler says:

    I was given a postcard promoting DUDE today and have just logged on to have a look.

    🙂 wow finally there is a Trans world – I promise to visit some time soon …I’m in Tasmania for now. I wish you all the best with your work – it all looks great! I hope people are happy and travelling this journey well 😉


  3. Edward Chester Hill says:

    I am so proud of my Trans F to M. I was the first person that he came out to. I have never hidden the fact that I am gay father and I am so proud of S or Ray; that I wish all parents could have at least one Trans child. Our bond and Love is beyond spiritual and family. I support him 100% in his transition
    Edward Chester Hill, DAD


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