Update & DUDE 3 is under construction!!

Hi everyone!!

This year has been pretty big for all the people involved with DUDE. We launched the 2nd issue in February across the east coast of Australia. Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane! Each event was incredible and it was amazing to meet so many special people within our communities. Thank you to all the amazing people who helped make all these events possible. The list of names would easily exceed 50 people. It really was a momentous time for the project and for community building.

During the launch time in Brisbane I ran a workshop with the help of the Queensland Association for Healthy Communities, who have since been defunded by the awful QLD State dis-government. Thanks to T-BAR and the Blue House and the staff of QAHC for all your support whilst I was there.

Then later in the year we launched DUDE in San Francisco with the help of Transmen for Men and EROS. Thanks to Niko and Ken, Kelly, and everyone else who helped make it happen. It was a successful event and an achievement for everyone who was involved with DUDE and who contributed to DUDE.

Recently I became a father to twins (which is beautiful, but extremely hard… beyond words…) and it has really taken up a lot of my year and energy. It delayed the process of getting the 3rd issue together and I can appreciate that people want to know what is happening. Fortunately, we have an excellent editing team who are keen to keep it all rolling and produce a fantastic 3rd issue.

Later this month, I am running a work shop with Mish Glitter Pony at the Queensland Transgender, Sistergirl and Gender Diverse Conference in Cairns. We are going to focus on the topic of exploring sex as a trans person. This topic is central to the original idea behind DUDE. To get more people exploring sex and enjoying sex! I can’t wait to meet up with some of the Sistergirls and I am desperately hoping that Crystal Love will be there! In fact click here to see an example of Bindi Cole’s work, photographing the Sistergirls!

So thank you everyone for all your support, contributions and positive energy throughout the life of DUDE. We hope to see you all soon when we launch the 3rd issue, which is about LOVERS/PARTNERS/RELATIONSHIPS. Below is a sneak peak of some of the beautiful photography which will be featured in our next issue.


Jez Pez


Ethan & Pluto… by Morgan Carpenter


  1. Hey Jez..Congrats on your babes!..It’s quite a ride and they grow so fast! Checking in to see where Tranzwear.can fit into #3 as we did with #2. Find me and we can talk what I donate to one or two of your launch parties.

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