Got dirt?

Small communities can be fertile for drama. And the ethics of privacy and disclosure around relationships is complicated – further complicated by the politicised context of marginalised communities.

A few partners of trans guys have voiced concerns about submitting to DUDE when they know that the magazine will be circulated among their community. But sometimes the stories that are hardest to tell are the ones we most need to hear.

So for DUDE 3 we’re welcoming submissions of anonymous fragments – for little snapshots that would be difficult to develop into a whole article or story without giving too much away.

Some topics you might want to explore:

  • subcultural hierarchies
  • awkward sex stories
  • scene drama
  • political controversy
  • trans guys being jerks

Put “DUDE #3 SUBMISSION: FRAGMENT” into the subject line and email to DUDEmag.special(at)

Remember you can send any type of submission anonymously or under a pseudonym, and we also take fiction submissions. Full submission guidelines here.

x Lia

Dudes who look like YOU!

Don’t see yourself in this picture?

We’d really like to see a diversity of bodies, aesthetics, identities and opinions in DUDE.

We’d especially love to get more submissions from those who are often marginalised and underrepresented in trans media, such as people of colour, older people and people with disabilities. Submissions from Australia and New Zealand will be highly regarded, but submissions are open to everyone world wide.

Also we’re doing photo shoots in Melbourne this Saturday and in Sydney up to May 20. Get in contact asap if you’re interested in taking part:

Melbourne: James – james(at)junglejim(dot)
Sydney: Teddy ateddycook(at)

Submissions for DUDE.3 are open until 30 May 2012. Full submission guidelines here.

x Lia