DUDE 3: Lovers; Sex/Relationships


Trans guys are hot! And we know you love us, so why not give us some detail – because we love you just as much!!

… DUDE is usually produced by transdudes and friends, however this special issue is dedicated to work produced by lovers of people who identify with transmasculinity.

We would LOVE to get submissions from a variety of people in a diversity of relationships. Send us your dirtiest secret desires, persistent fears or relationship wonderings.

Especially, but not limited to:

*sex, especially in relation to changing bodies/identity, ‘gender dysphoria’
*how transitioning affects/ed your relationship (positive/negative)
*anxieties around a lover’s hormone use, surgery, body
*peer/cultural pressures: passing, not passing
*disclosure – yours / managing a partner’s
*scene bitchiness of various scenes: straight, queer, gay, lesbian…
*parenting / pregnancy
**have you left a transitioning lover? We would really like to hear stories of transition break ups – what went wrong? when did it all become too much?

*stories from straight guys, bi guys, gay guys, cis guys
*stories from trans men, trans women, gender queers
*stories from queer girls, bi girls, straight girls, cis women
*stories from butches, femmes, bois, bears, sex workers


Also, inappropriate questions you’ve been asked – think back to the comics in DUDE 1 – we want your questions as well! What is ok and not ok?


Deadline: Extended to 31 May 2012.

see the Submission Guidelines.

– – – – – – –

print it here: Call Out 3.pdf

on facebook: here


  1. Really looking forward to this! I’m a woman with a ftm boyfriend and I would love to hear other peoples stories. He’s pre-T and pre-op and I’m scared his transition will break us up.


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