DUDE Launch Photos

The official launch of DUDE was on Friday the 18th. It was amazing and full of beautiful and interesting people.

Photos were taken by Alison Bennett



  1. I would love to become involved in the next zine.
    I am in love with an amazing ‘dude’.
    He is the greatest man I have ever met.
    Congratulations on the zine.
    Being new to this relationship with lets call him ‘josh’..
    is challenging everything i thought i knew of my self..
    Sometimes I get scared about things swirling around in my head.. Understandable as I am only 22!!
    I have been limited in being able to find support.. google hasn’t helped much and as much as I enjoyed the zine.. it didn’t take away my questions.

    “Josh” and i have become reallly close. I have learnt that I can be open with Josh about all of my questions about sex/relationship.. Josh has respected my free spirit.
    And when i’m happy, sad, scared.. there is no other place I’d rather be than wrapped up in Josh’s comforting/big warm arms in his ute.
    Sometimes Cosmo mag helps aswell lol, even if it is just an overpriced confidence boost.. I took their same questionable good advice for an other guy.. so i thought why should josh be any different?

    Either way, it would still be good to have more out there for partners.
    I am happy to share stories if that helps others.


    ps, you can google for a million answers, ask the opinions of many, read books and watch movies but i’ve always found talking to my partner the best way…

  2. Hey Jez!
    I love the blog and think it is an awesome idea! I work with SameSame and was wondering if we could ask a few questions? Email me at tmartin@thesoundalliance.net!

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