DUDE, where’s my zine?

DUDE is a free and not for profit, creative resource designed to celebrate positive representation of trans guys and to share skills and knowledge within our wider community.

The original idea behind DUDE was to create a guide on ‘how to play with trans guys’ and this may be the only published issue to materialise or it could become the 1st edition of a series. Depends on how much steam it gets and how much ink it costs.

DUDE has received a splendid number of submissions for the 1st issue and I am excited to be near completion.

Stay tuned for more details to come and I expect that DUDE will be released late February 2011.

There will be an official launch in Melbourne and I’ll announce more details shortly.

To read the call out and more background, please see below. Cheers.


call for submissions for trans male zine.

I’m Jez, I live in Melbourne, Australia and I’m a queer transman.

I’m making a little zine based on trans masculine information. The purpose of the zine is to provide a little guide on how to negotiate trans male relationships. It is going to be really simple and basic and hopefully provides a bit more understanding for people who are interested in playing with trans masculine folk or for people that are curious in general or just lack knowledge and awareness.

I know there is plenty of information and resources out there already but still to this day people can ask me the most random, uncomfortable and sometimes rudely offensive questions. I don’t think these people intend harm, but I’d like the majority of people to pre-empt their interactions with trans guys with some forethought, respect, care and understanding.

And I don’t want to ridicule or frighten people away from wanting to engage so I thought a zine might be a good way to approach this.

Also, another reason I want to create this zine is because for many years I have cruised male only venues under a certain level of anonymity and danger, which of course is very exciting, but largely hard work and unsafe. I would like to see a little more visibility and inclusiveness in gay male venues because I feel there is more fun to be had if people just knew a little more about it.

The idea of this zine is to provide everyone and anyone with a little trans male 101 and isn’t targeted specifically to one type of play nor will it necessarily represent all trans masculine identified people.

Which brings me to my invitation to submit something relevant to this topic so I can ensure there is some diversity in the zine. If you have something relevant and would like to have it included, please feel free to contact me.

It could be writing, poems, personal experience, photography, drawings, random shit, sexual fantasy, erotic fiction or any material that can be printed – in black and white.

You could also submit a question which you have been asked that made you feel uncomfortable and frozen and/or a response that might be appropriate and empowering.

If interested, please email me personally or message me privately on facebook.

Email: coltbaxter81@gmail.com
Facebook: Jez Pez

Deadline for submissions is January 10th 2011.

I will try to include as much content as possible in addition to what I will be writing as the main part of the zine.

Thanks very much and feel free to circulate this on any relevant lists or blogs.


  1. Ontboezemingen says:

    Goody wow! Wish I was in Australia…
    Good luck with it. In future I might do a zine in the Netherlands but I don’t know any other webcomic transmen here.

  2. Hey there, thanks for your support. You’ll be able to download it as a PDF when it is ready.

    You never know, hopefully DUDE will put artrists in touch with other for future projects.

  3. Looking Great! Love your work Jez! 🙂

  4. I’d like to be kept in the loop of when it comes out as well. I am interested to know what other transmen are saying/feeling and what not. Not to mention my girl would get a kick out of reading it as well, seeing as we both share mutual enjoyment oogling over Buck Angel.
    Thank you for touching slightly on the gay transmen topic as well, I have a boyfriend as well. And they both know of one another, even talk via text as well. Thank you again, this is a great thing. Maybe I will do something like this for the USA?!

  5. Can I get this in America?? I just had a big deal over a question that was extremely offensive to me. So after I got into a fight and was sent to the office (Im in high school) I learned that no one could even understand why it’s not ok to ask a trans guy what his name used to be (and then have a third party blurt it out in front of everyone).

    • Hey Buddy,

      I’m really sorry to hear that happened to you. It sounded awful and very hurtful and disrespectful.

      DUDE will soon be available online and you can download it and give it to your teachers and to your friends.

      You can print certain pages off and give out only the parts you want to share or you can print all of it.

      You are entitled to basic human rights and privacy, it seems your school needs to enforce this better.

      Hang in there, high school is really hard sometimes but you are a special and beautiful person who has so much more to look forward too.

      In the meantime try to find someone who may be in a position to support you or advocate for you. It is not something you should have to deal with all by yourself.

      There is a great resource called the Gender Questioning Booklet. I will add a link to this resource on the links page.

      Keep your head up mate!

    • Adam, if you want a copy of DUDE then email Ash – ashpike@riseup.net



  6. Max O Soros says:

    Hey can’t wait for the PDF!

    • Yes I know!! We wish it could be on there now! We just need to do a few edits and then BANG! it will be online. We are aiming for mid April. Hang in there 🙂

  7. when can we download the zine(s)? i really would like to read them

  8. I’m wondering on how I can get a copy

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